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Almig Combi Screw Air Compressors


The Amig COMBI  range of screw compressors is the cost-effective 4-in-1 solution. The compressed air station combines a compressor, compressed air receiver (with automatic condensate drain as an option, otherwise manual shut-off), refrigeration dryer and pre- and after-filters in one housing as standard and therefore satisfies the stringent compressed air quality requirements for pneumatic applications according to DIN ISO 8573-1.

The Almig COMBI screw compressors can deliver 3 – 22 kW of power with volume flows of 0.21 – 3.34 m³/min (7.41 cfm - 118 cfm) and are fitted with a reliable and highly effective V-belt drive. Requiring a small space of 1 m² and emitting very low noise levels, the compact compressors can be installed exactly where the compressed air is needed, saving your company major investments in expensive pressure lines. Other benefits of these very compact compressors are their low weight and ease of transport. All it takes is one lifting truck or fork-lift truck to position the complete compressed air station. 
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The Almig Belt 4 - 200 series ensures your company benefits from a high compressor output and reliability at minimum operating costs around the clock. The tenacious compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the 4 - 200 kW of power with virtually no losses. This means that the compressor makes full use of the motor's output.

The Almig Belt series enables very cost-effective and reliable usage in a volume flow range of up to 30.52 m³/min or 1077 cfm. The fixed speed concept of the BELT series also delivers long service lives and low maintenance costs, making the screw compressors especially well suited for use as base load compressors.
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Almig Belt Screw Compressor Range

Almig Direct Screw Compressor Range


The brand new design of the Almig Direct series of screw compressors enables us to set new standards in the world of compressed air systems with direct drive.
In this instance, direct drive means that the motor's output is transferred directly to the compressor stage without any loss by means of a v-belt or gear drive.
This type of drive is around 99.9 % efficient, i.e. much more efficient than standard drives: Even more compressed air from even less electric energy - around the clock.

The unique design concept of the DIRECT series makes it incredibly cost-effective in every kW class and therefore highly versatile. When these compressors with direct drive are combined with the VARIABLE series, they make an unbeatable energy-saving duo. Both compressed air systems have an identical design but the screw compressors of the VARIABLE product range also have a frequency converter.
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The speed-controlled screw compressors of the VARIABLE series have been developed with the latest knowledge drawn from research and technology for applications with variable compressed air requirements.

Market analyses show that on average compressors only have a utilisation rate of around 50–70 %. The maximum delivery volume is, however, only needed during peak times. So we developed ALMiG SCD technology, the benefits of which come to the fore in partial load applications - i.e. exactly where they are needed.
SCD technology stands for Speed Controlled and Direct drive and is an integral drive concept with maximum cost-effectiveness. An energy saving of up to 35 % can be achieved through:
  • Speed control
  • Constant mains pressure, stepless from 5 - 13 bar
  • Extremely good system efficiency
  • No start-up changeover power peaks
  • No expensive idle times
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Almig Variable Screw Compressor Range
Almig Gear Range Screw Air Compressor


The compressed air systems of the GEAR series allow ALMiG to supply a new generation of screw compressors for very high compressed air requirements. The product range includes delivery volumes of 3.58 - 71.15 m³/min (126 - 2512 cfm) at operating pressures of 8, 10 and 13 bar.

The maintenance- and service-friendly drive concept of the GEAR compressors includes a robust drive motor with high power reserves and flexible, well balanced couplings with interchangeable operating elements. The concept delivers minimum slip, high reliability, is virtually free of losses with an efficiency of > 98% and is gentle on the drive. What's more, highly efficient separation of the cooling medium enables a minimum residual oil content of just 2–3 mg/m³. 
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